Pygmy rabbit to remain on endangered species list

Good news for the tiny Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit!

The Associated Press has reported that the tiny rabbit will remain an endangered species as threats to the animal have increased in the past five years.

Still protected

That’s the conclusion today of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s five-year review of efforts to save the animals.

The study found increased risk from disease in captivity; the rabbits getting used to captive conditions and becoming less capable of surviving in the wild; and loss of genetic uniqueness due to interbreeding.

In recent weeks, there was doubt that the pygmy rabbit would be allowed to remain on the Endangered Species list.

The pygmy rabbit is the smallest rabbit in North America, and can fit in a man’s hand. It is one of only two rabbit species in North America that digs its own burrows.

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  1. Ha! All my rabbits dig their own burrows! Turns my backyard into Swiss Cheese! :)

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