Take the Pepsi Challenge to Help Bunnies!

Vote for San Diego House Rabbit Society!

We need your help!

We have a chance to win $15,000 in the Pepsi Challenge to help the Planet.  There are 27 ideas to help the planet, one of which includes building a new bunny cottage for the Chula Vista Animal Shelter (Chula Vista, CA).

There will be 3 winners, so the San Diego House Rabbit Society has a one in nine chance of winning.

You can vote 3 times a day between now and June 17.

Go to http://pepsisafeway.refresheverything.com/ and find our idea.  We are currently rated #10.  In order to vote, you have to register with Pepsi.  No big deal.  They don’t really send you any solicitations.

Then Vote, Vote, Vote!!

Try to remember to do it every day for the next 2 weeks.

Rabbits at the shelter in Chula Vista, CA currently live in cages in an outdoor setting. Summer is coming along with increasing temperatures and danger from mosquitoes that breed in the river across the road. Every year, no matter how hard they work to protect them, this shelter loses rabbits to the deadly myxomatosis virus that is carried by mosquitoes.

Myxomatosis has already killed rabbits in areas throughout California and the West Coast. The viral infection is transmitted most commonly by mosquitoes, and is fatal to most rabbits. Symptoms include swelling of the eyes, nose, ears, and genitals, and death is usually within a few days.

Rabbits live longer, healthier lives when housed indoors. Because myxomatosis is just one of many concerns facing rabbits who live outdoors, San Diego HRS recommends indoor homes for rabbits, along with adequate screens on doors and windows.

San Diego HRS is spearheading an effort to build a special, enclosed Bunny Cottage for the Chula Vista Animal Control Facility that includes air conditioning. It will be a fully protected building that provides fresh air when the weather is nice, cool air for the hotter season, and heat in the winter.

Winning the Pepsi Challenge could help us make this project a reality. Vote for us today!

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