Keeping Your Rabbit Safe This Summer

Mr. Smokey Estante

Keeping Your Rabbit Safe This Summer

When temperatures rise, flowers bloom and birds sing, it must be time to sun your buns—the furry ones, that is! House rabbits appreciate fresh air, green grass and a breeze in their fur, but they need a safe environment to enjoy them in. Here are a few tips for you and your rabbit to have a safe and happy summer.

  • Rabbits are world-class grazers and will nibble on anything, but they won’t instinctively avoid poisonous plants. Make sure you know what’s growing in your yard and how to identify poisonous plants. Grasses and lawns can also contain harmful fertilizers and pesticides. Find out whether your lawn has been treated and with what, especially if you are at a public park. Keep the Animal Poison Hotline ((888) 426-4435) where you can get to it in an emergency.
  • Provide something safe and tasty for your rabbit to enjoy instead, such as an herb garden, or plant some bunny-friendly flowers such as pansies, nasturtiums, and geraniums.
  • Digging is one of the rabbit’s chief pleasures, and digging outside is preferred to your carpet. Dirt may contain unavoidable harmful bacteria and parasites, so if you see your rabbit eating large amounts of it, stop him. Otherwise, digging holes and burrowing in the yard is absolutely fine.
  • Predators are always a danger outdoors. Neighborhood dogs and cats, no matter how well behaved you think they are, see your rabbit as prey. Wild animals such as raccoons, possums, foxes and hawks pose an equal threat, even in the city.
  • Never leave a rabbit unattended in the yard. Keep them on a harness and leash, in an enclosed pen, or within a few feet of you at all times so they can play worry-free.

2 thoughts on “Keeping Your Rabbit Safe This Summer

  1. And make sure that your rabbit always has access to shade if it’s out in the sun. If you have an open run, you can cover part of it with a cloth to give your rabbit that extra protection.

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