When Temperatures Soar

When Temperatures Soar

When temperatures soar above 80°F, your rabbit is better off being a couch potato. If the forecast is for a scorcher, plan your excursions early in the morning or in the evenings when it’s slightly cooler. Make sure your bunny always has a shady spot to retreat to, and plenty of water to drink.

What to do if your rabbit is overheated:

Rabbits cannot sweat to cool down the way other animals can, so if they get overheated it’s an emergency.

  • Call your vet immediately.
  • Get your bunny to a cool spot as soon as possible. Drape wet towels over his cage or carrier and circulate the air with a fan.
  • Always keep a few frozen plastic bottles of water around for hot days.

Mosquitoes proliferate in the warm, humid summer weather. Not just annoying, mosquitoes can also spread the deadly myxomatosis virus and there have been reported cases in San Diego County. Fleas can be a problem, too, and if pesky enough can cause anemia. Give your rabbit a thorough combing before heading back in the house, or treat them with a mild herbal flea powder.

Never use Frontline on rabbits, as it has proven fatal.

Playing outdoors can be very healthy for your rabbit. They need Vitamin D from the sunshine, a chance to exercise, and plenty of stimulation for their curiosity. With a little planning, your bun can be cool as a cucumber this summer.

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