Bunnification, Part I

On Friday morning I found myself in the middle of Tuesday Morning.  

No, this was not time travel. 

It was better.  

I was on a bargain hunting mission.

As part of my efforts to spruce up my home’s entry area, I decided that an asparagus fern and assorted, colorful annuals were not quiet enough.

My entry area needed some bunnification.

I hopped into the BunMobile (i.e. my hay and fur filled Subaru Outback) and checked out Pier 1 Imports, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning.    

I found one “Angelic garden lop” statue (below, left) remaining on Pier 1 Import’s clearance rack. 

At $22.95 it wasn’t exactly a bargain (orig. price $29.95), but I decided that I had to have it as a reminder that not all mini-lops are as crafty and diabolical as one of the mini-lops I’m currently fostering.

Discount Bunnification

My next stops were more wallet-friendly. I bought a 16-inch tall bunny statue at TJ Maxx (above, center) for $7.99. I also found a Stone Bunny statue (above, right) at Marshall’s for $9.99, which looks good hiding among my petunias. 

By the way, did you know that TJ Maxx and Marshall’s both have “pet” sections? 

In addition to unearthing the occasional tacky outfit for my Chihuahua, Lucy (she has a full length, faux fur coat from TJ Maxx), I’ve also found leashes/harnesses, brushes and toys.    

However, what I like best are the ceramic crocks. 

Prices range from $3.99 – $5.99 and most are heavy enough to withstand the most determined rabbit’s attempts to topple over full bowls of water and/or pellets:

8-inch diameter food/water crock, $4.99

The last stop on my Bargain Bunnification Tour was Tuesday Morning, where I found two Easter items hiding in the back of a clearance rack.

The bunny candy dish (below, left) was $5.99 (original price $29.95).

The carrot-shaped plates (below, right) were $1.49 each. 

Future Bunny Slave Gifts

These items will eventually become gifts for bunny slave friends who are hopefully not reading this post.

What are some of your favorite bunny-themed items? Do you collect specific things like bunny posters, folk art, jewelry, tiles, mugs, plates, photos, or just plain kitsch?  

Do you have favorite places to shop for these items?

Please let us know and we’ll publish your answers in a future post.

2 thoughts on “Bunnification, Part I

  1. Patricia M.

    I look every where! And ask everyone – “Do you have any bunnies?” Esp. jewlery stands at the San Diego Fair.

  2. Sue Milewski

    I collect just about anything ‘rabbit’. Most stores after Easter are great ways to find things. I love to stop at yard sales and flea markets and look around for bargains, too.

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