Show Your Bunny Pride for Independence Day

Everyone loves a parade, but have you noticed how rabbits are under-represented in most parades? Everyone’s out there with their dogs, but where are the bunnies?

This year let’s show everyone that rabbits are beloved family pets, too!

Sign-up to march with your bunny stroller in Oceanside’s Independence Day Parade. HRS Volunteers and Supporters who have bunny strollers are invited to march to represent San Diego HRS. If you don’t want to bring your rabbit, or do not have a stroller, we also need volunteers to carry the banner and hand out HRS informational brochures.

What: Independence Day Parade

Where: Oceanside

Meet-up Location: The home of Stephan & Denice Flores (contact Stephen for address)

When: 8:00 a.m., SATURDAY, July 3rd

Marchers will receive red, white & blue “bunting” to decorate their strollers, and a parade t-shirt provided by Stephen Flores.

Please contact STEPHAN FLORES at to get more information about participating in this event.

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