Nail Trimming: Do I Have To?

Wait—is that you or your bunny saying that? We all loathe bunny nail trims. Every four to six weeks, you’ve got to track the bunny down, and then catch them, which usually involves climbing over, under, and around furniture. That’s stressful for everyone. Then you’ve got to try and maneuver them into a position where you can restrain them, hold their foot firmly, and operate the clippers (you need more than two hands, it seems). Then try to avoid cutting the nail so as to avoid the quick, while your rabbit squirms and pulls their paw away just as you squeeze the clippers closed. It’s a major operation, and if you have more than one bun, nail trims can take all afternoon and leave you covered in fur.

But did you know that help is at hand? If you would rather just outsource the whole nail trimming operation than do it yourself, or have to schedule an appointment with your vet, San Diego HRS volunteers are available to help.

Every  Saturday when the Bunny Store is open, a volunteer is on hand to trim your rabbit’s nails for a small donation. You get to go shopping for bunny treats and supplies, clothing, and cute cards, and chat with other bunny people while we take care of your bun. A few minutes and a few dollars later, and you and your bun are on your way, manicure complete, without stress.

Having an expert trim your rabbit’s nails is great if you’re not confident about doing it yourself, or if your rabbit has dark nails, which can make it difficult to avoid the quick (tip: use a flashlight to shine through dark nails and highlight the quick). If you’re just short on time, your bun can have a nail trim in the time it takes to stop by and grab some supplies from the store.

So don’t stress. Leave the clipping to us.

The Bunny Store is open the first four Saturdays of each month:

Noon to 3 p.m.
4805 Mercury Street, Suite J (on the Ronson Road side of the complex)
Corner of Mercury & Ronson Road
See a map to our location

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