Resources for Older Rabbits

Elderly rabbits have needs all their own. Many of our volunteers and supporters have lived with rabbits well into their teens, and have compiled some helpful tips and resources for living with a senior bun.

Large litter pans with a low step that can be negotiated by many arthritic or mobility impaired rabbits. Available at PetsMart, Target, and other pet supply stores. Medium size is the most rabbit friendly.

Artificial or Synthetic Sheepskin Fleece. The synthetic pile of artificial sheepskin does not absorb urine. With an absorbent layer underneath to wick the moisture away, bunny stays dry and comfortable. Material is easily washed and dried. For best value, artificial sheepskin can be bought in larger pieces from a fabric store and cut to size with a sharp kitchen knife. Pre-cut fleeces are now available in most pet supply stores, but do not order fleece with a rubber backing. This will not allow moisture to be wicked away from your rabbit.

Pads for Lining Under Fleece. Incontinence pads such as Depends Bed Liners, sold in drugstores and discount stores, make excellent underliners. Generic pads work just as well, as do puppy-training pads. They are relatively inexpensive and disposable.

Exercise Pens. Precision Pet or Midwest Pens (as sold at San Diego HRS Bunny Supply store). See them at

Snuggle Safe Warming Disk. Microwavable heating disk to warm bunny’s bed (caution- should be used with thick cushioning for protection). Available from PetCo and other pet supply chains.

Calendula Ointment. Helps heal urine burn, sore hocks. Available from drugstores or health food stores.

Blunt Nose Scissors. A pair of blunt nose scissors or surgical scissors is handy for trimming fur on messy bunny butts. Incontinent rabbits should be shaved by your vet or trimmed very short to prevent urine burn.

And don’t miss Dr. Linda Knox’s presentation tomorrow, August 14, on Elderly Rabbits. 4-6pm at the Bunny Store!

2 thoughts on “Resources for Older Rabbits

  1. Great info, as always! I did want to mention, though, that the Palace Pet Bedding with the rubber backing DOES do a great job of wicking the moisture away. And I prefer the rubber-backed version because it doesn’t slide around in my bunny’s “bed” when he hops in and out. (His bed is one of those big black pans from Home Depot with the rubber-backed fleece inside.) My bunny is not disabled, but he likes to pee where he sleeps, and this is how I keep him dry… works like a charm!

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