Rabbit speared with arrow in Canada

Rabbit speared with arrow in Calgary.

A shocking site for a Calgary woman on her way to work.

Calgary – August 23, 2010.  Gina Rowley spotted a rabbit running through the parking lot of Calgary’s McMahon Stadium with an arrow through its back. The arrow is lodged seemingly just beneath its spine.         

 “I think the people who are doing this should be caught and punished. I think it’s completely disgusting. This is about the fourth case that I know of animals being shot with arrows and I think people should do something about it,” says an outraged Rowley.    

Police were called out and attempted to catch the animal, but came up empty-handed after a 30-minute chase.          

Rabbits frequent the open spaces surrounding the stadium and people are often able to get close to the animals.          

The Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society says that makes them an easy target. The group says it doesn’t have the resources to send someone out to find the rabbit, but if someone catches it, they can bring it in to them or call.    

This incident comes just a couple of weeks after someone shot a dog in Okotoks with an arrow.          

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are still trying to find the person responsible in that case.          

BNN will provide updates to this story as they become available.          

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