More on rabbits pierced with arrows in Calgary…

OK, as I was searching for an update to the story of the Calgary rabbit pierced by an arrow, I was disturbed to find ANOTHER story about a rabbit in Calgary from May 2010 that had suffered a similar fate!     

What is going on in the Great White North?     

This story was published in the Calgary Sun on May 5, 2010:     

Another arrow-pierced rabbit in Calgary?

Danny Burmeister is used to seeing wild rabbits hopping about his southwest neighbourhood.   

But as he looked outside his Coach Hill home on Sunday evening, he saw something unusual: a brown hare with a long, yellow-feathered arrow pierced completely through its hindquarters.   

“It really pulls at your heartstrings — you’ve got to feel for it,” he said.   “The weird thing is he was really non-chalant and just doing what any normal rabbit would do.”  
Burmeister said its not unusual to see as many as 10-12 rabbits hopping through his neighbourhood near the city’s periphery as they are drawn to apple trees in the area.    

With a collection farms close by, Burmeister said he suspects that someone in the rural area managed to hit the elusive hare but failed to score any vital organs, allowing it to escape with the arrow, that’s longer than its own body, still lodged in it.   

The rabbit, which has several inches of the arrow’s shaft protruding from each side, didn’t hang around long after Burmeister went out to snap some pictures and he hasn’t seen it since.    

“I took a good look around to see if I could find it and get some help but I haven’t seen it again,” he said. 
“Everything is here for a purpose and I don’t like seeing it in pain.”    

A Canada goose pierced by an arrow in 2006 managed to elude capture from would be rescuers on several occasions and was spotted returning to the city’s northeast a year later with the same projectile still lodged in it.    

Can a rabbit can survive after it’s been shot with an arrow? 

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