Radical Rabbit Web site

Please note that BNN supports “diplomatic activism” against cruelty to rabbits (or other animals). The views and opinions expressed on Radical Rabbit do not necessarily reflect those of BNN, San Diego House Rabbit Society, or its satellite Lucky Bunny Rabbit Rescue.

Radical Rabbit is a newly launched Web site. 



The site’s “About Us” section says: 

Radical Rabbit was formed by a group of passionate vegan bunny lovers. 

Our aim is to encourage the community to find a new understanding of a very misunderstood creature – the rabbit. 

We feel honoured to have taken on ex factory farm rabbits and are proud to show the community how affectionate and caring these rabbits can be.  We hope that this website helps people understand how many cruel, misleading and unnecessary abuses rabbits face behind closed doors. 

Radical Rabbit members do not believe that any animal should be abused for human use and we have not participated in any illegal removal of animals from private property.  Our group has only taken part in the long term care of rescued rabbits.

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