Bangladesh Bunnies: The black-nape rabbit


Dhaka, Aug 31  — Three rare black-nape rabbits have been released into Bhawal National Park, three days after they were caught by fishermen in Rajshahi.      

Black-nape rabbit (hare?)


Tapan Kumar Dey, forest conservator (Wildlife and Nature Conservation Circle) of the Forest Directorate, freed them on Tuesday.  Dey said, “Fishermen from Rajshahi’s Gohomabna village at Haripur Union under Poba Upazila caught the rabbits in a Padma char while fishing.”      

He said black-nape rabbits are found only at grass-lands in the chars of the rivers Padma and Jamuna.      

They are also found in the forests and grass lands of India and Pakistan.      

But the species is facing extinction due to rapid hunting and reduction of forests, he added.      

“It is high time to save the rabbits. Otherwise the species will be eliminated from our country. Raising of mass awareness is necessary to preserve them,” Dey added.

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