Northern CA: Bunny Art Show

SPCA Bunny Art Show
by Joan Wegner
The bunny art show has been a MAJOR success already. The concept of the show was to have the artists create portraits of our rabbits looking for forever homes and help us show rabbits as unique, worthwhile pets. The artists took part in the show to help with animal rescue. They are animal lovers but most have never had pet rabbits. They have been wonderful.

The artists are doing more than I ever imagined. Many are adding more artwork this month. They are still painting because they have bonded with the subjects, our bunnies!    

It’s wonderful for us to get all this attention for RABBITS. It’s time to treat rabbits and other small animals with as much love and respect as dogs and cats!    

Linda Ryan, an artist in the show, organizes ArtWalk –a large annual art show in downtown Livermore. Linda just offered to have a small display in her gallery during ArtWalk about the bunny art show! Linda was the last artist to join the show but she totally supports the concept. This small display is precious space.    

Portrait by Eileen Crowley


Many people who would never buy a dog or a cat buy small animals because they are unaware that small animals are available at shelters and with rescue groups. PetFinder lists over 500 rescue bunnies in the Bay Area. The art show is at the East Bay SPCA. EBSPCA does not have rabbits for adoption. Rabbits are only available the first Saturday of the month at our event. But for the run of the art show, nearly 2 months, visitors at the SPCA are looking at the art. They are learning that rabbits should be adopted and not purchased. This is significant for rabbits.    

The Bunny Art Show showcases the work of professional artists and young art students who created portraits of adoptable bunnies offered by the House Rabbit Society, Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, individual rescues and volunteers from local shelters who meet at the East Bay SPCA in Dublin. Our next event is Saturday, Sept 4th.    

Eleven artists— Michelle Chan, Eileen Crowley, Valerie Daft, Carol Hart, Kathleen Hill, Lenore Kreit, Diana Marion, Christine McCall, Linda Ryan, Marcy Schaaf and Shelly Yen—created more than 60 portraits. The art will remain on display at the East Bay SPCA through the end of September.    

Artwork can be purchased during regular business hours at the East Bay SPCA, Tri-Valley. 20 percent of all proceeds go to support the SPCA.

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