Rabbit á la Berlin

My rabbit Tobey and I must have fallen asleep on the sofa before the 2010 Academy Award nominations were made for best documentary. We always watch the pre-Oscar show together.  

While I eat popcorn, he nibbles on a few tiny pieces of a banana chip and small pieces of carrot. The lagomorph equivalent to Milk Duds, I suppose… 

 We usually enjoy comparing notes (well, he grunts) about the interviews and glittering ensembles worn by attendees. 

2010 Oscar nominee for Best Documentary


Somehow, Tobey and I missed this nominee for Best Documentary: a 51- minute, black and white documentary called Rabbit á la Berlin.  

According to IMDB.com, this is the untold story about wild rabbits which lived safefly between the Berlin Walls (in what was called “The Death Zone”)  for 28 years.  

The Death Zone was full of grass, no predators, and guards protecting them from human disturbance. By all accounts the rabbits lived happily in the Death Zone.  

Once the Berlin came down, the rabbits had to abandon their comfortable, protected existence. They moved to West Berlin and have been living there in a few colonies since then.  

According to the filmmakers, Bartek Konopka and Piotr Rosolowski, the rabbits “are still learning how to live in the free world, same as we – the citizens of Eastern Europe” are.  

The film is hailed as “an allegory and metaphor concerning the residents of Eastern Berlin.” 

Like the rabbits, people living in East Berlin also had to adjust to the end of the Wall, and the ups and downs of sudden freedom; freedom that has come with a price for people on both sides of the Wall.  

The film was screened in New York last month, but I have not been able to find local screenings.  

Here is the trailer – enjoy! 

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