From Scotland: Pet rabbit found dumped with horrific facial injuries

A pet rabbit has been found dumped outside a rescue centre with horrific facial injuries in Dundee.
By Lesley Kinney
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The animal’s teeth were also so overgrown that they had reached over his nose and had left a deep wound to his face. 

Amos the rabbit


The lop eared tan-coloured adult was in such a poor condition that rescue staff were left deeply shocked and have appealed to the public for help to track down the owners. 

Staff at the Angus, Tayside and Fife Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre at Petterden came across the animal when they found a black cat carrier lying in a secluded corner of the car park about 11.40am on September 3. 

Scottish SPCA officers found the male adult rabbit in a “terrible state” and distressed inside. His teeth were so overgrown they reached up and over his nose and he had a deep wound to his face, possibly as a result of secondary infection from his overgrown teeth or an attack from another animal. 

The rabbit was rushed to the vets for treatment and is now recovering at the centre. Staff have named the bunny Amos, after the make of carrier he was found in. 

Scottish SPCA officers are now appealing for any information to trace the owners of the pet and are scouring CCTV footage of the area. 

They believe a blue or green four-door saloon car was seen arriving near the centre and stopping briefly about two hours before the animal was discovered. 

CCTV footage
Lesley Clark, assistant manager at the centre, said: “Amos was in a horrific condition when we found him. The right side of his face was peeled back to reveal flesh and the skin and fur was clumped around his nose. His bottom teeth had been left to grow right up to his nose and his claws were also badly overgrown. 

“There is no doubt that Amos would have been in pain and distress for some time before he was dumped at our door and it would have been obvious to the owner that he was in need of veterinary treatment well before now.” 

“Our vet believes Amos’s facial injuries could possibly have been caused by his chronic dental condition which has caused irritation resulting in him scratching and damaging his face, or more likely an attack by another animal as he also has some small puncture wounds on his legs.” 

She added: “We are now calling on the public to help track down the person who cruelly abandoned Amos in such a terrible condition. 

“On checking our CCTV footage a blue or green four-door saloon car was seen to arrive at the Centre at 9.35am and stop for around a minute in the area where the rabbit was found and then leave. 

“We believe this is when the rabbit was dumped and that was the owner. This means the rabbit was there for just over two hours, out of sight from the Centre with no food or water in the hot sun before he was discovered. 

“We really need to find the person who did this because there is no excuse for this sort of neglect.” 

Abandoning an animal is an offence that carries stiff penalties up to a maximum of six months in prison, a £5,000 ($7,700 USD) fine or both. Anyone found guilty of doing so can expect to be banned from keeping animals for a fixed period or life. 

Anyone with information relating to the abandoned rabbit should contact our Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999.

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