Statement from MSPCA re Brackett sentencing

On Saturday, BNN posted a story about Wayne Brackett, the Massachusetts man who was sentenced to four years in jail for his unbelievable acts of cruelty to several rabbits.

The Massachusetts Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) has issued a public statement about the case:

North Adams, MA — Officials with the MSPCA Law Enforcement Division thanked court officials Friday, calling the four-year jail sentence of Wayne Brackett Jr. for the June 8 slaying and mutilation of at least five pet rabbits “appropriate.”

“The rabbits in this case suffered horrific and repeated acts of cruelty,” Peter Gollub, MSPCA director of law enforcement, said in a news release Friday evening.

“We wish to express our gratitude to the courts for recognizing the gravity of the crimes by imposing appropriate sentences. We also wish to acknowledge the North Adams Police Department and everyone who assisted in this investigation. We hope that while in custody, Mr. Brackett will consider any substance abuse counseling or mental health services that may be available and appropriate.”

Brackett was arrested on June 10 as a result of a joint investigation by the MSPCA Law Enforcement and North Adams Police departments. Members of the public came forward and identified Brackett after viewing surveillance footage of the repeated brutal acts of animal cruelty.

Following an interview with the suspect, the law enforcement departments conducted a search of his residence and discovered evidence that corroborated the charges.

“The MSPCA Law Enforcement and North Adams Police departments actively pursued the suspect’s identity and collected crucial evidence in the investigation of these charges,” said MSPCA Sgt.

Roy Sutton. “In addition to assigning many man hours to the investigation, we thoroughly reviewed surveillance footage of the crime scene, examined the scene and bodies of the animals, secured a necropsy of one of the rabbits, enlisted the assistance of a state police tracking dog and carefully interviewed numerous witnesses and the suspect.”

“Regrettably, the savagery repeatedly inflicted upon the helpless rabbits exceeds any brutality I’ve seen in quite a while,” Gollub said. “These animals posed no threat to Mr. Brackett, and in fact some rabbits even curiously approached him. How anyone could systematically and completely ignore the suffering of these unsuspecting creatures dumbfounds me as much as it angers me.”

Sutton said, “We hope that news of Mr. Brackett’s sentencing will bring some relief to the residents of this quiet community as well as the family who lost many defenseless pets to such senseless and savage acts of cruelty.”

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