Benjy is back….from a dumpster!

Last week I reported that Benjy, a rabbit from a Barry nursing home (in Wales), was stolen.    

I’m happy to report that Benjy has been returned – just a few hours after an appeal was made in the Barry & District News.  

HAPPY BUNNY: Benjy the rabbit with Ann Gore


Benjy, a lop-eared rabbit, was taken from College Fields Nursing Home in an overnight raid two weeks ago.  

But following an appeal in last week’s paper, the bunny was returned after he was found in a distressed state in a trash bin by a local resident.  

Benjy has been left ‘traumatised’ by the incident according to staff at the nursing home, but has now been reunited with his brother Oliver.  

The rabbits have since been moved from the garden outside the nursing home and up to the balcony for their own safety.  

Ann Gore, deputy matron at College Fields, said: “One of the neighbours went to put their trash away. They went to put their black bag in the bin and realised someone had put a rabbit in there.  

“I think what must have happened is someone took the rabbit, read the article, maybe got frightened and went along and dumped him in the bin – hoping someone would see him and return him.”  

The nursing home uses the animals as therapy for the 66 residents there. They also have four chickens, two ducks and two guinea pigs.  

“I was over the moon when we got Benjy back,” added Ann.

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