Rabbits from NC Lab may be available for adoption

On September 9th, BNN reported the results of a 9-month PETA investigation into animal abuse at a hellish research lab. 

It is never easy to read, or hear, about this kind of abuse, which is, to say the least, shocking and startling. 

No more abuse for bunnies at PLRS

I can only hope that by getting the word out, it will inspire or move people to do something. Anything. 

According to this blog, all 253 animals from Professional Research and Laboratory Services (PLRS) have been rescued and are in area shelters (YAY!) 

If you would like to find out more about these animals, here are numbers to the shelters they were sent to: 

DC: 202-726-2556
Cateret Co. NC: 252-247-7744
Guilford Co. NC: 336-297-5020
NJ: 973-824-7080
Norfolk, VA: 757-622-3319
VA Beach: 757-427-0070 

If you can’t drive to these shelters, please consider donating money to help the shelters and/or rescue groups that pulled bunnies from that nightmarish lab. 

~ Tamara