Good news: North Georgia HRS allowed to continue operations

On August 29th, BNN reported that the North Georgia HRS chapter was at risk of closure due to a zoning issue. This is the latest update from today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution

It was a productive day for rabbits. But then, isn’t it always? 

The Cobb County Commission on Tuesday granted a Marietta rabbit rescue a 12-month temporary zoning permit to continue operating out of a home along Shallowford Road. 

Wilson is a bunny that lives at the Cobb County shelter.


The county’s planning board initially recommended the commission deny a 24-month zoning request because the rescue’s full-time operation was more suited for a commercial rather than residentially zoned area. The East Cobb Civic Association also opposed the permit, citing the intended temporary use of the zoning allowance vs. the rabbit rescue’s intentions to permanently settle on the property. 

Jill Flamm, the civic association’s president, warned commissioners about setting a precedent by granting the permit. It could be a trip down the rabbit hole. 

Ultimately, commissioners — led by Commissioner Thea Powell — voted unanimously for the temporary zoning, with seven stipulations. 

Under the conditions of the temporary permit, the House Rabbit Society North Georgia Chapter must have a residential bunny caretaker on-site, no more than 20 pens are allowed for Flopsy, Mopsy and their ilk, there can be no signage, adoptions must be scheduled, no more than two large-truck deliveries can be made per month, and retail sales are restricted to items related to the sale of rabbits. 

Call them rabbits’ rules of order. 

Powell also requested county staff to review a land use plan change for the property – which has a small strip of retail stores across the street, as well as a church and day care center on either side — and she asked the rabbit rescue to present a permanent zoning plan change. Sort of a rabbit redux.

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