Tails from the front: Kahoot’s now open in Temecula

Wouldn’t it be nice to live together
In the kind of world where we belong…
~“Wouldn’t it be nice?” Beach Boys album Pet Sounds, 1967   

That song popped into my head this morning after reading an article about a proposed ban on pet store sales of bunnies in British Columbia.     


It would be nice if we could all live together in a world where we  – and our bunnies – belong.   

It would also be nice if pet stores like Kahoot’s followed PETCO’s lead by banning sales of bunnies in their stores, and promoting adoption instead.    

You know, some people dream of flying into outer space, going on safari in Namibia, buying a $5 million, beachfront estate in La Jolla, or a date with Justin Timberlake. Maybe all of the above. 

My dream is so simple, yet it seems about as realistic as flying to the Moon with Sir Richard Branson, with me tossing back my head, laughing at his dry British humor, and sipping vintage Pommery champagne through my space suit. 

What is my dream, you ask? Ah, let me tell you. One day, I would like to say: “You know, I USED to be a rabbit rescuer, but since stores stopped selling bunnies I don’t have anything to do. I’m so bored!”  


Speaking of Kahoot’s, a new store recently opened in Temecula complete with a huge, adorable bunny graphic in the window. Designed to pull in customers, of course. 

Lucky Bunny Rabbit Rescue is already feeling the impact.  

In the last week we have received calls from people who have changed their minds about their bunny purchase; have no idea how to care for their new bunny; or would like advice on the best rabbit breed to buy (“Will a mini-Rex be more cuddly than a Netherland Dwarf?”) at Kahoot’s.     

The common denominator: all of these callers have been to the new Kahoot’s store.   

First comes the cage, then the bunny….
One call was from a woman who wanted advice on what breed of rabbit would be happiest in a 40″ long cage.     

I took a deep breath and replied, “I can’t think of any rabbit breed that would be ‘happy’ in a cage that size – unless you provide hours of run time every day.” 

I offered to send her x-pen housing information.  

“No,” the woman replied. “We are using a cage that I bought. My house was just professionally redecorated – we do this every 3 years, you know – and this cage fits perfectly on an adorable, new Shabby Chic table in our family room.”  

After I explained that bunnies need to get out to run, play, hop, etc. the woman assured me that her new bunny would have time outside of the cage to play with “our five year-old twin girls; they can’t wait to dress up the bunny in cute, little outfits.”   

I managed to squeeze in some information about spay/neuter, and also sent her links to information from the San Diego HRS web site.  She promised to share the information with her friends, who were also buying baby bunnies for their children.   

She still refused to consider adoption unless I could offer a “guarantee” that our rescued bunnies would want to be held, carried, and cuddled for hours on end.   

Paid for by the National Committee on Keeping Bunnies out of Doll Strollers

“I would consider adopting if you can promise me that your bunnies would enjoy playing with my daughters in their doll strollers. It’s so cute watching my friend’s daughter push around their baby bunny in her doll stroller. And the bunny LOVES it.”  

This is the part where I take another deep breath and silently thank Judith, Patricia, Alison, Scott, Cathy, Heather, Sylvia, and everyone else who has counseled me on the virtues of using honey versus vinegar. 

There are situations where vinegar feels so much sweeter than honey, but I’ve learned that honey is best for the bunny. 

So, I calmly explained the wonders of bunny hormones and how that a cute, baby Netherland Dwarf might end up beating her kids senseless with that doll stroller in just a few short months. 

OK, I didn’t explain it quite that way, but I did emphasize that hormone surges may impact a teenage bunny’s attitude about doll strollers, cuddling, being picked up, or carried, or dressed in cute, little outfits later on.   

I also suggested she hop on down to the Bunny Store to buy a real bunny stroller. 

Mrs. Doll Stroller thanked me for my time. 

She was confident that her research – along with information from Kahoot’s – would steer her towards the purchase of a new baby Netherland Dwarf. 

Not only would it fit in the cage, but the nice Kahoot’s salesperson promised her that their baby bunnies will always be cuddly and love to play with her 5-year old daughters. 

I have a feeling I’ll speaking to Mrs. Doll Stroller again in the future – when she re-decorates her home and the Shabby Chic table and bunny no longer fit in the family room. 

Please stop by Booth #17 at Bunnyfest and say “hello.”

3 thoughts on “Tails from the front: Kahoot’s now open in Temecula

  1. And now a Kahoots is opening in Solana Beach, too. Ugh. I guess the Carlsbad shelter will be getting lots of those baby bunnies, too, after the hormones kick in and they no longer want to go for rides in a doll stroller.

    Alison (a.k.a. Alyson) 😉

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