Bonking like bunnies?

Thought that would get your attention!

From the UK’s Daily Mail

It appeared to be a case of crossed tails.

Actors Courteney Cox and her husband David Arquette have taken part in a hilarious video campaign drawing attention to domestic violence issues on behalf of the Ocean Park Community Center in Santa Monica, CA.

The couple, dressed in giant bunny suits, are involved in a highly confusing situation of mistaken identity.

Bonking bunnies: David Arquette and his wife Courteney Cox take part in a Public Service announcement for an anti-domestic violence center.

The pair, who have been married for 11 years, are seen romping around a bedroom in the rabbit costumes.

The enthusiastic couple appear to be having a great time until the door opens and David realises that the person he is frolicking with is NOT his wife – as she has just walked into the room.

As they stare at each other in horror, the unknown bunny removes his costume head and is unmasked as 30 Rock star Jack McBrayer.

Funny bunny: The rabbits romp around the room in the hilarious clip for charity

At the end of the clip is the tag line ‘That’s Just Wrong’.

After which viewers get a sobering speech about how the clip was very funny but domestic violence against women is no laughing matter and is a very serious problem.

David and Courteney are currently in the middle of filming their new movie Scream 4.

The pair actually met and fell in love while filming the franchise’s first installment back in 1996.

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