Scarrots: Trick nor treat?

Apparently, there is a new $25 million campaign underway designed to transform baby carrots into the “new junk food.”

As comedian Seth Meyers might say on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, “Really, baby carrot farmers? REALLY?”

The new junk food?

I’m all for marketing snacks that are actually good for people (and their animal companions), but I’m not convinced that stashing baby carrots into colorful packaging reminiscent of potato chip or cookie bags will motivate people to rush to the grocery store and stock up on baby carrots.

Not unless those same baby carrots are deep fried and rolled in rich milk chocolate first.

Because that’s the American way.

According to Fox News, “carrot eaters around the country will get a taste of baby carrots’ attempt at attitude with Scarrots next month. The Halloween version of baby carrots will come in spooky packaging and have glow-in-the-dark temporary tattoos, ideal for giving out to trick-or-treaters.”

Baby carrots as the new junk food? Nah, I don’t think so.

Would new packaging cause you to take another look at baby carrots?

One thought on “Scarrots: Trick nor treat?

  1. Chandra Beal

    And to boot, most “baby” carrots aren’t baby at all. They’re just regular carrots cut and shaped to look like baby versions, implying that they’ll be more tender and sweet.

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