Tat bunny

An amazing album

I’ve always been intrigued with tattoos/body art – afterall, the Rolling Stones album Tattoo You was one of the defining albums of my high school years – but I’ve never been brave enough to dip a toe (or arm, shoulder, ankle, or neck) into that particular pool of ink.

First, there’s the pain factor. I’m a wimp and not afraid to admit it.

Then there’s my dear dad’s voice, echoing in my head from the Great Beyond, saying, “no one will ever hire you with THAT on your arm/neck/leg, young lady!”

What does this have to do with bunnies, you ask? Well, nothing really.  Except for the fact that I stumbled onto some impressive photos of rabbit tattoo body art. And it made me wonder: would I consider a tasteful rabbit tattoo? Hmmmm….

Would you get inked? Do you already have a tattoo? If so, are there any regrets?

Take the poll and tell us which tattoo you like most (if any). The second tat reminds me of a little bunny I know named Scooter….

Number 1
Number 2
Number 3

2 thoughts on “Tat bunny

  1. I voted for #1, even though the second one looks like Scooter! I do think the second is adorable, but I like the artistry of the first one, so that’s the one I’d get. But I wouldn’t get it on my shoulder, and definitely not that big!

  2. Tina

    I think we should organize a tattoo party and all get at least an ankle tattoo. I have always wanted one but need someone to push me.

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